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10 Exercises from Tata Steel #5

Hello Friends! Every week I select 10 positions ranging from easy to difficult across various themes like tactics, strategy, endgame, defence, etc. for you guys to solve and enjoy. Today I have selected 10 positions from the Tata Steel Chess Event.

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Here are this week's 10 exercises for you -

1. White to play, find the best continuation.

2. White seems to have a pleasant position-thanks to a better placed Queen and Black's restricted Bishop. Can you find a way to increase this advantage into something tangible?

3. Find a way to keep White's winning hopes alive!

4. Black just played ...b5 with the idea to liquidate Pawns on the Queenside. What is the best move for White?

5. White missed a strong idea here! Can you find it?

6. Find the best plan for White.

7. Black to play, find the best continuation.

8. Black's h-Pawn seems quite dangerous. How should White continue in this position?

9. Find the best move for White.

10. Can you find the correct move for Black?

I hope you enjoyed solving these exercises. See you again in another blog post and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter! Link to the newsletter - Newsletter | Chess Pathshala Link to my website - Home | Chess Pathshala

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