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10 Exercises of the Week # 2

10 Exercises for you to solve and enjoy!

Hello Friends! Every week I select 10 positions ranging from easy to difficult across various themes like tactics, strategy, endgame, defense, etc. for you guys to solve and enjoy. Do subscribe to my newsletter if you wish to get notified whenever I write a blog post or publish exercises for the week. Here is the link to the newsletter - Newsletter | Chess Pathshala.

Here are this week's 10 exercises for you -

  1. Find the best move for White to play(Easy):

2. Find the best move for Black to play(Easy):

3. This endgame seems to head towards a draw. But White's King is feeling lonely on g1. Can you find the best move for White? (Intermediate):

4. Find the best move for Black. (Intermediate):

5. Black has a winning advantage, but there is one move that will make Black's conversion easier. Can you find the strongest move for Black? (Intermediate):

6. Find the best move for White. (Intermediate):

7. White is an exchange down and looks in a problematic situation. But if you have a chance of turning the tables, if you find the best move. (Intermediate):

8. Find the best move for White. (Tough):

9. White has obvious intentions of crushing Black's Kingside defences. Be alert and find the best way to defend. The task is difficult! (Tough):

10. Find a move to prevent White's major ideas in this position and maintain the advantage. (Tough):

I hope you enjoyed solving these exercises. See you again in another blog post and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter :)

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