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10 Exercises of the Week # 4

10 Exercises for you to solve and enjoy!

Hello Friends! Every week I select 10 positions ranging from easy to difficult across various themes like tactics, strategy, endgame, defence, etc. for you guys to solve and enjoy.

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Here are this week's 10 exercises for you -

1. White has his Rooks lined up on the h-file and also enjoys all the positional trumps in the position. Can you find the quickest way to end Black's resistance?(Easy)

2. Black to play(Easy)

3. White is clearly on top and is pressing for a win. With accurate play you can make the task easier. Can you find the best move for White?(Easy)

4. White's King is quite exposed. If you find the correct idea then you will achieve a winning attack!(Intermediate)

5. Black is a Pawn down but White's King is still in the center and his Pieces are un-coordinated. We should find a way to seize the initiative before White settles down and starts making use of his extra Pawn.(Intermediate)

6. White to play(Intermediate)

7. White just advanced on the Kingside with f4. What is the best move for Black now?(Intermediate)

8. The Knight on h5 is under attack. How would you respond?(Intermediate)

9. Black has a slight advantage thanks to his Bishop pair and slightly better Pawn structure. Can you find the best plan of action for Black?(Tough)

10. Can you find a good idea that would allow White's Pieces to co-ordinate well?(Tough)

I hope you enjoyed solving these exercises. See you again in another blog post and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter!!

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