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Exchanges – Bishop vs Knight / Part-II

GM Swapnil Dhopade & FM Ankit Gajwa

GM Swapnil Dhopade & FM Ankit Gajwa

Headcoach - Chess Pathshala

Exchanges – Bishop vs Knight / Part-II

Hello Readers,

Part II

Now that we have some idea about the kind of positions these minor pieces prefer, understanding exchanges become easier.

  1. When exchanging, I would recommend the reader to focus on one very important thing – pay attention to what remains on the board after the exchange, and determine whether the ensuing position is preferable for you (or for your pieces).

What matters is not what leaves the board, but what remains on the board.

Also, we must not exchange just on the basis of our preferences. We all have preferences – some of us prefer bishops in general, while some of us prefer knights, but that shouldn’t come in between our decision making. We must exchange based on the demands of the position.

  1. Fischer, for example, liked bishops and even went on to claim that the Bishop’s value should be 3.5 points, but this preference didn’t hinder him from making correct exchanges. 

Let us look at some instructive examples based on decision making in terms of exchanges-








I hope the above-mentioned set of examples will shed some light on the do and don’ts of exchanges. Exchange with the utmost care and thought! That’s a sign of a strong player.

Finally, I would like to offer a position for the readers to solve.

The solution will be published in the next article.

Good luck with solving the position!

White to Play!

I hope you enjoyed this amazing Article! 

As much as you enjoyed Part-1 of this Article!

See You in the Next Article!

Happy Solving!

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