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GM Swapnil Dhopade

GM Swapnil Dhopade

Headcoach - Chess Pathshala

  1. August 29, 2020


Tabatabaei, M.Amin vs. Harikrishna, Pentala FIDE Online Chess Olympiad 2020

Hello Dear Readers,

Harikrishna is one of the strongest players India has ever produced. In this game against Tabatabaei, he plays black and displays an excellent playing and position handling technique in the endgame. The game was played against team Iran in the Online Chess Olympiad. 

Find the best move for black!

How can white hold the position?

What is the only way for white to hold the slipping game?

Black to play and win.

Harikrishna’s tenacious play was worth admiring! I hope you got some lessons from the game. Stay tuned for the next article. 

Down below is solution to yesterday’s puzzle.

Divya Deshmukh vs. Munkhzul Davaakhu, FIDE Online Chess Olympiad.

11. Qh4!! Nxc2+ 12. Kd2 Nxa1 13. Bxf6 Qxf6 14. Qxf6 d6 15. Nd5 1-0

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